About Us

Lynx Chambers is a leading law firm in Maldives that specializes in a wide variety of commercial, international business law and litigation matters.

Our firm’s primary concern is protecting our client’s interests, while providing expert legal guidance. In today’s competitive legal environment, a knowledgeable legal advisor can make the difference between success and failure in a business. We provide our clients professional, cost-effective legal representation.

Our distinguished list of clients includes business leaders in the Maldives and beyond, international businesses including banks, hotels chains and international investment companies.

Lynx Chambers is headed up by managing partner Ibrahim Nasir. His extensive experience in Maldives law, and expertise in commercial litigation cases provides a unique insight into the legal system, and enables him to create result-oriented strategies that protect his clients’ rights and resolve their legal matters quickly and efficiently.

Starting at as a senior state attorney in the attorney general’s office, Mr. Nasir has a wealth of experience that assures clients will receive the skilled and professional guidance they deserve.